Mental Health Support

In Partnership with Wellspring Counseling

Are you or someone you know in need of affordable counseling?

As an organization, Buddy System is committed to grassroots community engagement. We listen to people from the communities we serve and meet them where they are at. In direct conversation with Floridians, we hear over and over again the need for affordable and accessible mental health resources. Learn More

Buddy System has created an Immigration Legal Aid Fund to further support our community members during COVID-19. Learn More

Homeless Outreach

In partnership with Hermanos De La Calle

Here at Buddy System, we are committed to feeding and providing sustainable resources to those experiencing homelessness in our Miami Community. In partnership with Hermanos de La Calle, we hope to guide homeless individuals into shelters, eventually helping them assimilate back into societal life. Though homelessness is very complex and has many layers, with proper advocacy and community, we are able to help individuals through this journey.  We provide them with community advocates- volunteers who will check in on the individual periodically- providing them support, holding them accountable, and guiding them through this transition.