Buddy SysteM is a nonprofit dedicated to

uplifting our Miami community, one meal at a time

Buddy System is a non-profit dedicated to uplifting the whole person and ending systemic poverty.

Buddy System was founded in response to COVID-19. What began as an effort to support our neighbors with access to food assistance during the pandemic quickly grew into a massive mutual aid program. Within weeks, we found ourselves serving over 1000 people in South Florida with a team of 700 volunteers. 

Once we began to provide our clients with food assistance, we found that they often opened up about more dire, underlying social and economic issues. The single mother who couldn't afford groceries, also desperately needed pro-bono legal assistance for her vulnerable immigration status.  The senior couple who wanted a volunteer to attend food distributions on their behalf, could also use some mental health support. The young man who asked for a hot meal, opened up about needing resources for his transition out of homelessness.

At Buddy System, our work starts with food assistance and

continues with viable support for long-term change.

​Buddy System is committed to:​

  • empowering people in marginalized communities with access to sustainable resources.

  • building community by enabling neighbors to support neighbors

  • evaluating each client’s specific situation and presenting them with viable options

Current Projects:​

COVID-19 Community Organizing: 

Placing people in the at-risk demographic with neighbors who

can assist them with food access to help limit their exposure to the virus. 

Community Refrigerators:

Organizing free food refrigerators in the community in an effort

to fight food insecurity by empowering neighbors to help neighbors.

Immigration Legal Aid Fund: 

Contributions go directly toward sponsoring immigration fees

during this unprecedented time. 

Sustainable Resources Advocacy:

Connecting people experiencing hardships with

opportunities and organizations. Creating an online hub.

Homeless Outreach:

Delivering meals to people experiencing homelessness and

opening a dialogue about sustainable resources available.

Mental Health Support:
Offering scholarships for mental health support to

people experiencing financial hardship.

Our Team:

Kristin Guerin: President

Eric Trope: Vice-President of Operations

Jessica Gutierrez: Vice-President of Outreach