To empower neighbors to support neighbors, beginning with food access and continuing with viable support for long-term change. 


We see a world where community members come together to uplift each other and create systemic change for a more socially just world.

Who We Are & What We Do

Buddy System is a grassroots non-profit founded in response to COVID-19. What began as an effort to support our neighbors with access to food assistance during the pandemic quickly grew into a massive mutual aid program. Within weeks, we found ourselves serving thousands of people in South Florida with a team of over 800 volunteers. Through organizing, we are able to create systemic change because the issues of the area are being addressed by the community for the community.

Our Commitment

  • Empowering people in marginalized communities with access to sustainable resources.

  • Building community by enabling neighbors to support neighbors.

  • Evaluating each client’s specific situation and presenting them with viable options.

Our Values

  • Unity

  • Community

  • Support

  • Change

Non-Profit Organization Status

Buddy System, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization (EIN: 85-1061921) eligible for tax-deductible financial contributions.


Homebound Food Access:: 

Placing people who are homebound with volunteer neighbors who can attend food pantries on their behalf. 

Miami Community Fridge Initiative:

Organizing refrigerators filled with free food in food deserts across the city in an effort to fight food insecurity and food waste.

Immigration Advocacy: 


Advocating for our clients to receive pro-bono legal support as well as sponsoring immigration fees for families experiencing financial hardship during this unprecedented time.  

Sustainable Resources Advocacy:


 Connecting people experiencing hardship with opportunities and organizations that can support them.

Homeless Outreach:


Supporting folks experiencing homelessness with resources, connections and financial sponsorship in their transition into long-term housing and job security. 

Mental Health Support:

Offering scholarships for mental health support to

people experiencing financial hardship.

Our Team:

Kristin Guerin: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Eric Trope: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jessica Gutierrez: Vice-President of Outreach